"My Green Identity" project activities

The Valmiera Library is a green-minded institution - we do care about the global climate and support the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. That is why we are actively involved in the NORDPLUS-supported international project "My Green Identity" (2018-2020), which emphasizes the role of libraries in initiating and supporting a variety of activities to change public thinking and promote nature-friendly living habits.


Planned activities in the project:


3 international meetings for work groups:

  1. Vilnius, Lithuania. September, 2019
  2. Turku, Finland, February 2020
  3. Vaggeryd, Sweden, September, 2020

In the meantime, the workgroups meet at SKYPE


The Green Corner of the Library: Information and Publicity. Meeting for national partners (Valmiera Library, Valmiera Zonta Club, Oleri Manor).


Green Week:

  1. before Christmas 2019 ("Give Things a Second Breath" - lecture or DIY creative workshop)
  2. April - May 2020 (creation of flowerbed in Oleri manor)


Travel session for project participants to Oodi (New Central Library in Helsinki, Finland, opened in 2018): Further education, self-education and the green lifestyle. June, 2020 (Valmiera Library & Zonta Club & Oleri)


Satellite event in Latvia: Lifelong Learning Program “Balanced Life” (Valmiera Library & Zonta Club & Society Oleri Manor) at the library, 5-6 lessons planned 2019-2020 (October, November, December, 2019; February, March, April, 2020)


  • Healthy diet
  • Garden (also wild) in cities. Small communities (single house owners)
  • My green investment (self-education, urban activities)